Cause you have to follow the rules..! Part II

I still remember in my teen-hood I used to end my speeches with ” this is a free country , this is a free world ” I didn’t know what it meant then but now the more i grow up and ” have ” to adapt with the world the more I realize that my ordinary sentence is just an other rule made by “Them” to make us believe that we can live freely and make mistakes but then getting cough and judged under the obvious reason ” you didn’t follow the rules ” .
I know it is confusing , however I will try to explain it ; every country has a constitution that all citizens should follow even the most powerful ones , but its articles are most likely broken by these controlling ones . Let us take taxes for example , as much as we know that the media only cares about these last ones it shows us every day that a businessperson, football player or an artist went to jail for not paying taxes , but he still can have his valuable place in society cause he is “powerful ” .
Being powerful now reflects being rich , rude , un responsable and break the rules cause they are meant only for the ones who are less . This .. i will not say a discrimination as much as it is a separation between people according to their social status make the ones who always see themselves as ignored citizens , human beings crave for revolution and seek for their rights with a violent way .
Brief , who made these rules ? And is being rich means you have the right to break them ? If so why ? …

By : The Queen 👸🏽


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