Cause you have to follow the rules.. ! Part I


Human beings , different in blood , face , race and sex . But have plenty of things in common ; we live on the same planet , under the same sky and one ground brings us together .

However , we all tend to forget the fact that we are alive for a certain reason .. not to be perfect , not to be rich , and certainly not to follow rules that other humans made but to survive and develop under any circumstances …

We wake up every morning with a vision and a goal that will make our life better in people’s eyes , we may not be comfortable with it , we may even feel completely depressed in that exact minute we think about it , yet ” it will make people see me as a successful person ” or ” people will not judge me if i turn out to be like them ” we say , cause all we have been raised with is that people will always have a say in our personal life …

The real problem is that till we get used to this stressing idea and hide what we knew years back will make you The you and him The him That we bump our heads with ” Be yourself ” , ” we are not born to be perfect , we are born to be real ” quotes .

So what should we do ?

Starting all over ? Rebuilding our personalities ? Wait till they create a new way to confuse us ?.. We do not know and no matter how we try we will never know but for ” them ” we only have to follow the rules ..!


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