Is it enough to start a BLOG to be called a BLOGGER ?

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I know blogging became one of the ” trendy ” things a person can do , you can find cameras anywhere at any price , internet and wi-fi are available almost in every home and coffee shop yet the challenge is to find an interesting subject , write an attractive article and share your modest thoughts with people all over the world . But is it enough to own a camera and creat a blog to be called a blogger ?
Firstly , blogging is your personality’s reflection to the world , you can’t go to jail for saying your opinion about what the world cares about . But you sure can be judged as much as you can hurt others .
Also , we know we can not trust anything we read or see in the internet so we should be careful to not share wrong informations . We can not forget that we are only human beings with our unique way of thinking and living so if sharing informations can start a misunderstanding or an unwanted conflict it is better to stay away at first place .
Finally , Blogging is not an easy job , we are responsible for what we write . And let us be real and logical blogging will be a once upon time one day so if we can not respect the privacy of people and the community we live in while blogging we can simply just read and improve our knowledge .
Brief , blogging is just a way of sharing our life and inspire people with our thoughts but real life starts by getting out of bed and start living .

By : the Queen 👸🏽


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